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Modular Wardrobe


Modular Wardrobe

A well designed, modern, and luxurious looking wardrobe can make you look forward to dressing up for work every day. Wardrobe designs can be played around according to needs and the size of the room. It can be as simple as a closet with separate cabinets for all items to an entire room for dressing up with multiple cabinets, doors, and mirrors.

Couples can have a wardrobe room with one side for both, customized according to your preferences. You can combine themes like sliding, doors, and mirrors for an elegant look. With a wardrobe special care to light has to be given so that the correct light accentuates all the features of your wardrobe.

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Our Modular Wardrobe Range


Walk In Closet

A walk-in closet is a room that is meant to store all your dressing and styling items. Naturally, the space required has to be generous, so that you can allot different sized compartments for each item you own. This requires a vision and a lot of work from your designer, to make it fun to have an idea of what you might want your closet to look like.

Like with all wardrobes and room features, good color contrast and lighting are vital for giving your walk-in closet an elegant and luxurious look. Using glass, steel, and wood will give your closet a versatile look making it the star attraction of your home which will light up your mood every day when you enter the room to dress up for work.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

While building a wardrobe of your dreams in your house, one may think that they have run out of options. However, there are many different types of wardrobes possible. One of the most popular designs is a sliding wardrobe with doors on which mirrors can be fixed. This adds functionality and takes up less space in your home. The sliding wardrobe offers more storage in less space.

A sliding wardrobe can cover an entire wall or can be small, but it is the design that makes your wardrobe the star attraction of your room. The sliding doors can be vertically large or horizontally wide, depending on your choice. You can store suits and hanger items in the vertical cabinet and accessories like shoes and watches in the horizontal one.


Openable Wardrobe

An openable wardrobe covers a complete wall or a part of the wall to provide an elegant look to your room. The color contrast of the wardrobe to your room’s paint should complement the light of the room so that it highlights the features of your room. An openable wardrobe offers separate compartments for every dressing item making it easy to sort your dresses and accessories.

With an openable wardrobe keep in mind that the compartments and cabinets are not too difficult to reach. It is practically useless to have a compartment that is too high to reach. It is recommended that you give proper thought to the size of accessories and clothing so that the wardrobe fits your needs exactly.