Services & Benefits

Design Services

There are a variety of services and benefits provided by Nobilia including first class logistics as well as a world leading handheld scanning system. Nobilia has over three hundred trailers that deliver directly from the factory to the site. Our German trained CAD design packages are able to read all electronic and paper plans. Packages are designed specifically for the customer’s development. Other than that, all issues are dealt with efficiency by the dedicated customer service department and all issues are recorded and updated on our live state of play systems.

Not only do we have regional based project managers, our installation teams are trained by Nobilia and there is a staged sign-off procedure for each kitchen. Additionally, all our project managers are employed directly by Nobilia and are required to undergo intensive training so as to ensure the best service and products for our customers.

We recognise the degradation of the environment due to unlawful and overuse of resources, which is why conservation of our environment is of utmost importance to us. Nobilia was the very first kitchen manufacturer to be certified in accordance with the PEFC which documents Nobilia’s commitment to a sustainable environment. Not only that, it also stands for responsibility in handling our precious wood resources. All our wood materials come from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources.