Manufacturing Facility


With a turnover of 754 million euros in the financial year of 2008 and over 2,000 employees, Nobilia is the leading manufacturer of fitted kitchens in Europe. Nobilia got to this position after over 60 years of continuous investment in technology, research and product development. The factory in central Germany has an area of 110,000 square metres and annually designs, builds and delivers over 300,000 kitchens throughout Europe, the Middle East and China.
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Our plant is situated in Ghitorni and is one of the finest plants with state of the art machinery from Germany and Italy that is used for the production of our kitchens, wardrobes, vanities and television cabinets. Our products, made with state of the art equipment (like the paint booth and CNC machine), are of the finest quality and are delivered with the utmost care. Our procurement, production and packaging is handled by a highly experienced team which helps us ensure timely delivery to the customers.